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We are proud to announce the launch of our new brand identity and website that mirrors our mission to provide highly technical groundwater & environmental consulting for a changing world.

We’ve been providing groundwater and environmental advisory for more than 20 years, empowering informed water decisions that help our clients, communities and the environment thrive, so we thought it was about time that we launch a new look that better reflects our position as Australia’s groundwater specialists.

Our team of hydrogeologists, hydrogeochemists, and numerical modellers specialise in end-to-end groundwater services, from field work and modelling to analysis and reports, to expert advisory and peer review.

We have an in-built curiosity for the latest opportunities, modelling techniques, research and thinking in geoscience and global environmental issues. With a single-minded focus on our work’s impact and the outcomes for our clients, we are proud to help solve our clients’ greatest problems.

One way in which we are demonstrating this curiosity, innovation, and better outcomes for our clients is through improved modelling approaches, such as those involved in mine closure planning.

To discover more about how we deliver advice that advances projects in an ever-changing world, read our latest blog entitled “Improved modelling of voids for mine closure planning”.

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Delving deeper – groundwater modelling with AGE

The work of groundwater modellers is an increasingly important field in a world finally waking up to the environmental implications of a planet providing natural resources for 7 billion plus inhabitants. In Australia, almost 17% of available water resources come from groundwater. So, understanding the environmental impact of that use is vital in ensuring access and usage of groundwater resources is safe, compliant, respectful of all stakeholders and considerate of the future.

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From China to the Cape: Australia’s specialist groundwater consultancy welcomes Dr Haili Jia

Experienced hydrogeologist and numerical modeller Dr Haili Jia joins AGE Consultants, helping expand our breadth of knowledge and expertise. As both a researcher and scientist working on commercial groundwater projects, Dr Jia brings both field and academic experience to her new role, as she acclimatises to AGE and a new life in Australia with her husband and two children.

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Improved modelling of voids for mine closure planning

To date, mine closure recovery simulations have been too simplistic to accurately predict the long-term behaviour of pit lakes and voids. At AGE, our innovative approach and integration of granular data from various sources is building more reliable models. Queensland’s mine rehabilitation and closure reforms ensure that almost all active and closed open cut mines require a Progressive Rehabilitation and Closure Plan (PRCP). Until recently, void modelling has been quite unsophisticated, with annual average stresses, such as rainfall, used for modelling.

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