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We are proud to serve local councils and governments and support the development of their community’s secure water supply through our end-to-end groundwater services. We regularly assess the suitability of sites, install and operate monitoring bore networks and review the impact of legacy sites on groundwater regimes.

Economies and communities are dependent on a secure water supply. It requires an integrated approach that takes all water assets, growing demand and the risks associated with our increasingly unpredictable climate conditions into account.

From the siting of optimal bores to sampling and ongoing field-based monitoring, through to larger regional conceptual and numerical modelling of complex hydrogeological systems: we support the supply and management of your water resources.

Councils are also responsible for the groundwater aspects of waste management. We can deliver conceptual and complex numerical models to assess mutual impacts of the site, its geochemistry and local groundwater aquifers.

We understand our clients need a trusted relationship with their groundwater partner: one in which they can rely on the data and be assured everything is accurate and compliant, while balancing the complex needs of the environment and expectations of your communities.

Secure water supply

Secure water supply

A secure water supply is essential for a thriving environment and community.  At AGE, we understand the weight put on governments and local councils to supply clean, potable water to their communities. With significant droughts over the last decade, there is an increasing dependence on groundwater resources for reliable supply.

We regularly assist government departments with high-level management of regional water resources and provide advice on sustainably extracting groundwater for town water security. Part of our guidance is balancing the competing needs of water users and industries with the needs of the environment while ensuring alignment with licensing and legislative frameworks.

Legislative requirements

Legislative requirements

With legislation around groundwater and water supply and resources constantly changing, we assist State Government clients with their analysis of large complex datasets. Our team can complete this analysis in the preparation of guidelines to support new legislation and in the review of groundwater resources within and across their catchments.

In addition to the aid of supporting new legislation, the hydrogeologists, hydrogeochemists and numerical modellers within our team are well versed and current on any relevant legislation and jurisdictions. We have extensive experience in communicating clearly and facilitating effective stakeholder engagement based on the outcomes from new or changing legislative requirements.

Expert witnesses

With more than twenty years working with local state and federal government departments, we can offer strategic and expert advisory services to support well considered policies and planning. Learn more about our services by clicking the link below.

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To effectively manage stakeholders and navigate legislation you need an expert partner. Our team has an an ironclad reputation for excellence and a passion for informing compliance decisions, get in touch with us to find out more.