Expert Advisory

Over more than 20 years, our legacy of project experience and local knowledge across Australia means we’re frequently called upon to provide expert advisory. We support clients on joint expert reports, as expert witnesses in court, in technical review panels or in peer-review and gap analysis of groundwater models and reports.

With unrivalled experience and academic credentials, we have a wealth of knowledge to draw upon and the expertise to address any groundwater problem.

Our principals have all completed a rigorous process to become highly skilled, industry-leading experts. Their expertise in particular fields enables us to provide our clients with a breadth of advice across niche specialisations. With our significant track record, our clients have the confidence to call upon us in an advisory capacity to support the integrity of our work and assumptions in any legal context if required.

Expert witness

Expert witness

We support a range of clients in litigation and conflict resolution, particularly for environmental impact assessments for major developments. Our advice extends to navigating the legislation around their works and preparing detailed reports according to industry and government guidelines.

Our team has experience in preparing joint expert reports and appearing in court as expert witnesses. Our reputation of being an independent company with an impartiality to our work has allowed us to support clients in a wide range of sectors, including:

  • Mining and quarrying
  • Petroleum
  • Land and property development
  • Water supply
Technical review panels

Technical review panels

We are passionate about groundwater at AGE and are continually seeking new ways of thinking and modelling due to the ever-evolving environment in which we work. Part of this need to drive the industry forward is to raise the standard of investigations and build awareness and understanding of groundwater.

Placing significant importance on the professional development of our staff to fulfil the roles of expert advisers and technical reviewers, we encourage our employees to share their knowledge in these kinds of advisory and formal panel settings. Our reputation as independent, impartial and trusted advisers has allowed us to participate in technical review panels.

Our experience has given us significant opportunity to speak with all levels of stakeholders within businesses, government and communities. We know what it takes for effective stakeholder communication. We simplify complex issues and communicate to different audiences in clear and easy-to-understand language. We believe this is a crucial element of any technical review.

Peer review

Peer review

Our reputation for delivering high-quality outputs with impeccable attention to detail has given us the opportunity to conduct independent peer reviews and gap analysis of conceptual and numerical groundwater models and reports for other consultants within the industry. We follow Australian groundwater modelling guidelines and best practice in our own projects and we apply this expertise and lens of knowledge to our independent reviews.

As the largest consulting modelling team in Australia, we’re known as being early adopters of new and emerging modelling techniques. Part of understanding and working on the frontier of technology means our team often works in partnership with leading academics in our field. We bring this wealth of knowledge and expertise to our review of peer-developed numerical groundwater models.

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Our team’s expertise is in groundwater modelling, field services, approvals and licensing, water supply, contaminant investigations, expert advisory, and hydrogeochemistry. Learn more about our services by clicking the link below.