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We have worked with clients on all scales within the agricultural and rural space, from small domestic and large scale pastoral and cattle stations to nationally recognised companies conducting irrigation, grazing and feedlot operations.

Our experience has shown us, however, that no matter the size, the areas in which you operate depend on groundwater access for the longevity of your operation. We’re committed to developing, protecting and maintaining groundwater resources for future generations.

Australian groundwater

Australian groundwater

Australia is in a unique position with regards to groundwater. While globally, groundwater accounts for only 2% of water – in Australia, 17% of our available water resources comes from groundwater.

Agriculture projects, particularly those based in Australia, should be taking groundwater into account as part of their overarching water management plans, in order to protect investments now and for future generations.

Water for long term sustainability

Water for long term sustainability

A reliable water supply is fundamental to the success of feedlots and crop production using irrigation and bores. Locating and successfully procuring water that is sustainable long term can be difficult. Issues of increased salt levels, waste contamination, groundwater evaporation, and Australia’s variable rainfall can impact the long-term management of your operation.

At AGE, we have experts who can monitor and use predictive model trends to maintain or promote sustainable water management of your existing aquifers. If the need arises, we can also assist in locating new or alternative bores. Our support doesn’t end there, as we have capacity and the experience to obtain licensing and approvals for new water supplies and can supervise the drilling process.

Artesian and sub artesian water

Artesian and sub artesian water

Our groundwater work also covers water confined under artesian pressure.

Larger regions have a range of sub artesian and artesian water, which are all impacted by bore consumption, rainfall and temperature ranges. Our team’s experience and knowledge of these water sources allows our specialists to design monitoring systems and map the future sustainability of extraction.

These monitoring systems integrate climate history and future forecasting alongside bore pressure and water quality data to model and scenario test, providing you with valuable and actionable advice and reporting.

Our agricultural work

Our breadth of expertise in hydrogeology, hydrogeochemistry and numerical modelling means we specialise in end-to-end groundwater services. View more of our projects for our range of experience.

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Pentland groundwater supply for biofuel project

We were commissioned to assess the potential to develop groundwater supply for the irrigation of sugar cane as part of a proposed major biofuel project located south-east of Pentland in central Queensland.

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Paranui underground water investigation report

We were engaged by Westside Corporation to prepare an Underground Water Impact Report for the Paranui Pilot Project, located 10 km south of Moura in Central Queensland.

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Our highly qualified team specialises in collecting data and monitoring groundwater systems. We provide high-quality, comprehensive advice through our field services, deciphering the science to inform and influence your stakeholders. Learn more about our fieldwork expertise by clicking the link below.

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