Groundwater field services

Our highly qualified team specialises in collecting data and monitoring groundwater systems for quality, yield and potential impact. We understand how crucial fieldwork is to ensure the integrity of data that informs every stage of your project and beyond. Through our wide range of assessments and services, we lay the important foundations to solving your groundwater challenge.

Data collection, sampling and monitoring can help define aquifer properties and behaviour, provide access to frequent, real-time monitoring of your groundwater assets and help predict potential impacts through modelling.

We understand that robust and reliable data is key to successful groundwater investigations. That is why we pride ourselves on our accurate and dependable data collection, ensuring our sampling and monitoring of your groundwater systems builds solid foundations for your project and enables informed groundwater decisions.

Our expertise

Our expertise

Equipped with a deep understanding of your objectives, our field services’ team particularly excels at:

  • Supervising bore design and installation: water supply, dewatering, solute interception and monitoring bores
  • Installing geotechnical equipment: vibrating wire piezometers, etc.
  • Groundwater monitoring: routine water levels and quality, isotopes, tracers and stygofauna
  • Permeability testing: pumping tests, packer tests, slug tests
  • Bore assessments: yield, baseline and condition
  • Surveys: landholder bore census, spring and other groundwater dependent ecosystems

We keep your end goals in mind, delivering end-to-end integration of well designed data collection. We take a ‘plug and play’ approach, which means our field data can be fed seamlessly into 3D conceptual and numerical models. This saves you money in the long-run as potential unforeseen circumstances have already been planned for, preventing potential changes and variations later on.

Safety always approach

Safety always approach

We pride ourselves on being safety focused. We employ a high standard for health and safety in our fieldwork services, diligently following the requirements of your site and completing necessary inductions. With the same expectations of our staff as your site will have for your staff, you can rest assured our approach to safety is aligned.

Groundwater investigations

Groundwater investigations

During our examination we can develop and uncover insights around the following:

  • Characterising hydrogeological environment (conceptualisation)
  • Assessing impact for project development, operations and closure
  • Developing groundwater resources for supply
  • Dewatering and inflow into pits, quarries and underground mines
  • Assessing contaminants in groundwater systems
  • Developing monitoring networks
  • Rock mass depressurisation
  • Dam seepage assessments
  • Environmental baseline studies
  • Hydrochemistry characterisation and isotope studies for source water, understanding and contamination
  • Conducting bore inspections for screen conditions and yield assessments
  • Spring health assessments
  • Landholder bore yield assessments
Additional services

Additional services

In addition to our investigation document talk with the team about our additional service offerings while on site:

  • Provide bore design and specification documents for drilling programs to meet Australian standards
  • Plan and costing field programs
  • Conduct desktop studies for water supply and impact assessments
  • Provide management capability of field sub-contractors for groundwater investigations
  • Resolve permitting requirements for field groundwater investigations
  • Manage data compilation
  • Data analysis and interpretation
  • Install surface flow and quality monitoring systems
  • Install monitoring equipment and associated telemetry instrumentation
  • Integrate geophysical services for groundwater resource interpretation
  • Training of site staff in groundwater monitoring techniques
Resources and field equipment

Resources and field equipment

With our own dedicated resources and equipment, our team can be quickly and easily deployed in the field. We’ve invested in industry-leading equipment that we keep well maintained and ready for when we need it. This offers you cost efficiency, a reassured level of rigour and additional capabilities within our highly trained team who can supply and install what you need.

  • Vehicles set up for general fieldwork activities, sampling and installation of monitoring bores and VWP equipment
  • Permeability testing equipment including packer testing kit, slug testing kit and connections with pumping test contractors
  • Transportable groundwater sampling pumps and associated equipment
  • Downhole cameras to inspect bore and screen integrity
  • Calibrated and maintained water quality field testing kits with various field water quality meters
  • Water level meters for a range of depths, from 30 metres to 300 metres
  • Automated groundwater level loggers for purpose of long-term monitoring
  • Telemetry systems to set up VWPs and monitoring bores

Our field services work

We’ve been delivering outcomes for clients through our comprehensive fieldwork investigations for more than 20 years. View all our projects to see the depth of our expertise in field services.

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Dargues Reef Gold groundwater impact assessment

The Dargues Reef mine is located approximately 13 kilometres south of the township of Braidwood in New South Wales. The area has a long history of open cut and underground mines. We were engaged by R.W. Corkery & Co Pty Ltd, on behalf of Big Island Mining Pty Ltd, to complete a groundwater impact assessment to form part of the Environmental Impact Statement.

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West Muswellbrook groundwater impact assessment

The West Muswellbrook project is a proposed open cut coal mine located near the township of Muswellbrook in the Hunter Valley, New South Wales. We were engaged by Idemitsu/Muswellbrook Coal Company Limited to complete a groundwater impact assessment to form part of an application to the Gateway Panel.

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Eastern Leases groundwater impact assessment

The Eastern Leases project was a proposed open cut manganese mine located on Groote Eylandt, in the Northern Territory. The project was unique due to the cultural and spiritual significance associated with surface water features. We were engaged to conduct a groundwater impact assessment, with field services and modelling, to form part of the project’s Environmental Impact Statement.

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Our team’s expertise is in groundwater modelling, field services, approvals and licensing, water supply, contaminant investigation, expert advisory and hydrogeochemistry. Learn more about our services by clicking the link below.