Eastern Leases: groundwater impact assessment

The Eastern Leases project was a proposed open cut manganese mine located on Groote Eylandt, in the Northern Territory. The project was unique due to the cultural and spiritual significance associated with surface water features. We were engaged to complete a groundwater impact assessment to form part of the project’s Environmental Impact Statement.

We were also subsequently engaged directly by South 32 Limited to supervise the drilling and installation of production bores for the purposes of water supply.


Hansen Bailey on behalf of South32 Limited


Eastern Leases project: groundwater impact assessment




Field services, conceptual modelling, numerical modelling

Services we delivered

Services we delivered

The groundwater impact assessment involved:

  • development of a field investigation (i.e. bore installation, testing and monitoring)
  • review of historic data in order to gain an in-depth understanding of the hydrogeological regime
  • development of the conceptual groundwater model
  • development of a numerical groundwater model to simulate natural groundwater processes and replicate system stresses to predict potential changes due to the project.

Following this project, South 32 Limited engaged us directly to supervise the drilling and installation of production bores for the purposes of water supply.

The field program had a project schedule that required rapid mobilisation and 24 hour shifts. The work also included constant rate pumping tests and analysis of the results to determine yield. As one of Australia’s largest specialist groundwater consultants, we were able to provide the necessary staff and support they required for this project.

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