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Proactively managing your impacts on groundwater resources is crucial to help you maintain a social licence to operate. At AGE, we supply timely, reliable and high-quality data for you to proactively manage your groundwater impacts. We support your approval process through well structured, concise reports, using clear and common language, overseen by well-known peer reviewers.

Petroleum and coal seam gas sectors have a critical need to characterise reservoirs and any linkages to aquifers, private bores, springs and surface water systems.

We’re deeply familiar with the myriad compliance regulations and stakeholder demands across government and landholders this entails. We assist companies to meet these extensive requirements, including conducting impact assessment reports, assessing the condition of private bores, identifying spring systems and conducting routine monitoring.

First hand experience

First hand experience

Our team has worked in the oil and gas sector for many years, with some of our experts being former Office of Groundwater Impact Assessment (OGIA) staff. This familiarity with the industry means we understand the nuances of regulatory regimes of oil and gas projects, and the compliance requirements you need to adhere to. We help your operations meet these conditions with high-quality analysis and reliable delivery to meet legislated deadlines.

There are various stakeholders to these projects, and with our insights, we’re adept at effectively engaging all those involved with the project. Our reports are written to communicate on our work and findings to those in the business, regulators and government entities.

Services we provide

Services we provide

  • Baseline assessments
  • Bore assessments – pumping tests and analysis
  • Underground water impact reporting
  • Spring surveys and remote sensing analysis
  • Regional groundwater models
  • Routine monitoring and detailed isotopic water quality analysis
  • Landholder liaison and education
  • Monitoring bore and vibrating wire installation
  • In-situ hydraulic analysis through pumping and packer testing
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Groundwater modelling in oil and gas

Groundwater modelling in oil and gas

Groundwater modelling is an integral service to our petroleum and coal seam gas clients. We have local and regional experience in this area running, modifying and performing uncertainty analysis using the OGIA 2012, 2016, and 2019 dual phase regional groundwater models for CSG clients. This experience extends to using the dual phase pressure outputs from the OGIA regional models to communicate with local groundwater models to represent fine scale impacts from CSG depressurisation.

Our modelling team has a sound understanding of the dual phase capabilities of the bubble point pressure option in MODFLOW-USG and package requirements, along with the capabilities and file outputs from Petrol/Eclipse models.

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Our team’s expertise in the oil and gas industry, in corporate and government, allows us to offer a range of services, including approvals and licensing. Learn more about our services by clicking the link below.

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We understand the various stakeholders and their needs within the petroleum and coal seam gas space. If you’re looking for an expert partner with an ironclad reputation for excellence and a passion for informing compliance decisions, get in touch.