Groundwater presents one of the biggest challenges in any construction project that interacts with the water table. With our experience in tunnels, roads, rail, buildings and water/waste impoundment structures, we help you understand the complexities of your underground environment and advance your projects.

Crucial insights

Crucial insights

With a clear, informed view of your groundwater environment, we can identify challenges and help you manage their potential influence on the design, timelines, budgets and regulatory requirements for your project. Understanding the complexities of your underground environment can help you avoid issues such as unstable excavation and water seepage, construction delays, increasing costs and legislation headaches.

Our detailed hydrogeological investigations and impact assessments deliver crucial insights and reliable advice that stands up to scrutiny. We provide the high-quality outputs and advice necessary to support teams, progress projects and achieve your project goals.

Cutting-edge knowledge

Cutting-edge knowledge

We understand the commercial, environmental, government and community considerations infrastructure projects face when these construction projects interact with the water table. We bring global thinking to the table and work in harmony with the engineers, scientists, planners and other specialists in your team.

Our priority is high-quality, comprehensive advice that tells a clear and compelling story to your diverse stakeholders.

Depth of experience

Depth of experience

Our highly technical advisory team has in-depth knowledge and experience of groundwater impact assessments, technical design investigations and monitoring networks for a range of government and commercial infrastructure projects.

We’ve helped clients progress construction projects in both metropolitan and regional areas, from cross-city tunnels and property developments to landfills, feedlots, factories and petrol stations.  Through our depth of understanding of the environmental risks, we can help to refine your design specifications and plan, and ensure a smooth compliance process. Our resolute methods, precise modelling and expert advice helps clients, communities and the environment thrive.

Our infrastructure services

Our infrastructure services

Dewatering and seepage assessments
Tunnels, road, rail cuttings, basements, drainage diversions, sheet piling and impoundment structures

  • Site investigations to characterise hydrogeology
  • Modelling of inflows and drawdown
  • Sizing/planning of dewatering infrastructure
  • Informing subsidence risk assessments
  • Assessment of groundwater chemistry to inform disposal options
  • Developing dewatering management plans

Drainage assessment for tunnels and road and rail cuttings

  • Modelling of drainage scenarios to assess flow rate, drawdown and water quality

Environmental impact assessment

  • Baseline groundwater investigations and water levels and quality assessment
  • Hydrogeology conceptualisation
  • Legislation and policy advice
  • Qualitative or quantitative (modelling) assessment of infrastructure impacts on groundwater regime, sensitive receptors (bores and groundwater dependent ecosystems)
  • Discharge compliance on groundwater systems
  • Changes in groundwater levels and quality from alteration of drainage catchment and compaction, example earthworks associated with construction of embankments
  • Landholder bore assessments


  • Site investigations
  • Analytical and numerical modelling to optimise bore configuration and yields
  • Design of infrastructure and testing
  • Contractor liaison
  • Compliance, permits and licences

Hydrogeology component for geotechnical interpretative reviews

  • Linear projects such as tunnels, road and rail cuttings
  • Integrate hydrogeology components with geotechnical and surface water investigations
  • Develop water quality and level triggers from data assessment
  • Assist with obtaining construction and operation approval and permits for groundwater interference activities
  • Terms of Reference (TER) groundwater assessment

Monitoring and risk management

  • Ongoing site support for monitoring
  • Monitoring and management plans
  • Data review
  • Risk assessment and audits

Technical peer review

  • Design and impact assessment documentation

Our infrastructure work

Airport Link groundwater impact assessment

The Airport Link Tunnel project was designed to connect northern Brisbane arterial roads with the Inner City Bypass and the North South Bypass Tunnel. We were engaged by SKM-CW Joint Venture, on behalf of Brisbane City Council, to complete a groundwater impact assessment to form part of the Environmental Impact Statement.

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Groundwater modelling

We pride ourselves on providing useful models based on solid foundations, across conceptual, analytical and numerical groundwater modelling. Learn more about our bespoke modelling services by clicking the link below.

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