Our scientists assess and understand hydrogeochemistry issues in water quality and management to give our clients a greater understanding of the potential impacts and implications of groundwater matters in their projects.

Understanding the chemistry of groundwater and surface waters, particularly the interactions between the geologic features of your environment, is integral to the viability of your project.

Our analysis can help predict the potential for environmental harm and the risks it poses to your project so you can make informed decisions on your project. Identifying and analysing the chemistry of contaminants in your groundwater system can help you accurately distinguish whether groundwater hydrochemical conditions are naturally occurring, caused by an activity at your site and whether the system has a natural capacity to attenuate specific water quality parameters.

Support regulatory challenges

Support regulatory challenges

We can support you with detailed investigations and quantitative evidence for any regulatory challenges and conditions, from determining environmental impact and meeting a condition from a regulator to informing a legal challenge to continue operation of your site. Our depth of expertise in hydrogeochemistry and decades of experience in groundwater allow us to conduct comprehensive groundwater impact and fate assessments.

Our detailed investigations provide quantitative evidence to support you through regulatory challenges and conditions, including negotiating water quality conditions, responding to regulatory notices and informing a legal challenge to continue the operation of your site.

Our comprehensive services include:

  • Groundwater impact and fate assessments
  • Groundwater age dating
  • Isotopic tracer investigations
  • Approvals and licensing
  • Operational risk assessments
  • Landfill investigations
  • Aquifer injection
  • Legal workshops
  • Expert advisory services
Understanding outcomes

Understanding outcomes

Given our experience and knowledge of the groundwater space, while we provide reporting and detailed information on our discoveries, we also help our clients understand and comprehend the outcomes. This means the impacts identified are not just outlined, but the situational risks of these impacts are detailed. Our investigations inform appropriate management strategies and measures for our clients, by quantifying the risks and advising on appropriate mitigation measures to prevent identified issues from eventuating. We also help you set appropriate water quality targets.

Our operations risk assessments use hydrogeochemistry to identify risks to your operational infrastructure, such as scaling and corrosion. These investigations provide advice on practical water management and treatment options.

We support you through regulatory compliance, identify potential environmental harm and ultimately, help you avoid further costly investigations.

Stakeholder management

Stakeholder management

We have a reputation for effective engagement with regulators. By being the conduit between your company and the regulators, we’re able to present comprehensive data and findings, and present your case based on clear evidence uncovered in our detailed investigations. We ensure you and your regulator are well informed of the groundwater impacts, the implications and the appropriate solutions. We help you achieve successful closure of environmental regulatory investigations.

We provide expert, independent and impartial advice – open, honest and transparent. We detail the potential risks clearly and in a language easily understood by your key stakeholders, so you can make informed decisions.

Our hydrogeochemistry services have helped clients across a range of sectors, including industrial, water treatment, water resources, mining, oil and gas, energy, defence, local government, and infrastructure and transport.

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Kidston groundwater site closure strategy

We were originally involved at Kidston undertaking groundwater aspect for the site closure strategy. More recently however, we have been involved looking at the use of the Kidston pit (Eldridge and Wises) voids as balancing storages in a hydro-electric scheme.

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