Elimatta Coal

The Elimatta Coal Project is a proposed open-cut coal mine located approximately 40 km south-west of Taroom, in Queensland. The project occurs within the Surat Basin and targets the Walloon Coal Measures. AGE were engaged by environmental consultants AARC, on behalf of on behalf of Northern Energy Corporation, to complete a groundwater impact assessment to form part of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

The groundwater impact assessment involved the development of a groundwater monitoring plan and review of historic data in order to gain an in-depth understanding of the hydrogeological regime for development of the conceptual groundwater model. Based on this work, a numerical groundwater model was developed to simulate natural groundwater processes and replicate system stresses, in order to predict potential changes due to the project.

The outcomes included:

  • quantification of groundwater take from the Great Artesian Basin water resource plan, for licensing purposes;
  • predicted changes in water levels in the various aquifers; and
  • assessment of impacts on key receptors, including private landholder bores.

AGE were subsequently engaged to update the groundwater impact assessment to include cumulative impacts from emergent coal seam gas operations.

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