Ernest Henry mine: groundwater modelling and monitoring

Ernest Henry Mining Pty Ltd is an operating open cut and underground gold-copper mine located 40 km north-east of Cloncurry.

We have had a long standing relationship with Ernest Henry and our team has worked at the site since 1999. We’ve been a reliable and trusted partner for the technical services and environment team at Ernest Henry, providing flexible resources to achieve the required objectives in a timely manner.


Ernest Henry Mining Pty Ltd


Ernest Henry Mine: groundwater modelling and monitoring




Field services, groundwater modelling

Services we've delivered

Services we’ve delivered

Work to date has included:

  • developing and updating a sub-regional groundwater model for the purposes of water licensing and impact assessment
  • designing and installing groundwater monitoring networks
  • reviewing data collected from monitoring networks and assessing triggers levels
  • providing estimates of the water level and quality of water within the residual open cut final void
  • reviewing the performance of the sites water supply borefield
  • assisting with dewatering strategies for the deep open cut mine.

We have also been involved with the satellite Mt Margaret Mine and Monakoff sites conducting borefield performance review reports, final void assessments and trigger level compliance.

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Our team’s expertise is in groundwater modelling, field services, approvals and licensing, water supply, contaminant investigation, expert advisory, and hydrogeochemistry. Learn more about our services by clicking the link below.