Cadia East: groundwater assessment

Cadia mine is an operating gold and copper mine located south of Orange in central NSW highlands. We have enjoyed a long relationship with Cadia mine, assisting with groundwater aspects of approvals and operations. We were first engaged in 2006 to prepare a groundwater assessment for the Cadia East project and the mine is now the largest underground gold mine in Australia.

A key challenge during model development at the site was to strike a balance between representing the highly complex geology and providing a useful and practical tool for assessing groundwater.


Cadia Mine


Cadia East: groundwater assessment




Groundwater modelling, field services (installing regional monitoring network)

Support for modelling and monitoring

Support for modelling and monitoring

Groundwater modelling was used to estimate changes in the groundwater regime from dewatering activities, particularly in relation to existing groundwater users and nearby baseflow fed streams.

Since this time, we have continued to assist with operational work at Cadia including validating and updating the groundwater model and installing a regional monitoring network.

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