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At AGE, we have a team of highly experienced and knowledgable senior and principal hydrogeologists and numerical modellers across 3 offices in Brisbane, Townsville and Newcastle. As our speciality is in hydrogeology and groundwater management, we are eager about employing those who share this passion.

Strong held values

Strong held values

Everyone at AGE is driven by our collective desire to provide clear and powerful insights to our clients. We’re here to empower informed water decisions that help our clients, communities and environment thrive.

We hold values of Trust, Integrity, Quality, Accountability, Innovation and Wellbeing.  Everything we do at AGE falls back to these values – how we work, how we interact with our clients and partners, and how we approach new technology.

Career progression

Career progression

As a team of scientists, we are always looking for fulfilling and challenging work. We encourage a collaborative and shared learning environment.

We place a lot of value in our employee’s professional development opportunities, mentorship programs, and clear and exciting long-term career pathways for like-minded scientists across all career paths at AGE. Whether your motivations are towards technical advancement, project management or business development – we will support you in the direction you want to take.

Andrew Durick - Director | Modelling Lead

Here to support our people throughout their journey.

We’ve always been early adopters of emerging processes and techniques – driven by passion and curiosity. Years from now, I’d love to see those currently in the early stage of their careers carving out another 10-year strategy, utilising the mastery and autonomy they’ve gained at AGE.

Andrew Durick – Director | Modelling Lead

Team culture

Team culture

We are proud to be the go-to specialists for groundwater and environmental consulting. Our high calibre of quality work is a testament to our people and their commitment to AGE’s goal of solving the world’s greatest problems in a changing global climate, supporting the advancement and sustainability of business, communities and our environment.

As a team, we can only reach this goal by sharing information openly and deliberately, each team member is encouraged to be early adopters of technology and innovation and then bring forth that knowledge in client application.

Recognising the importance of diversity in our team’s culture, our talent acquisition approach is to hire the best of the best, regardless of gender or cultural background. We welcome new ways of thinking and will support those who specialise in hydrogeology and groundwater management.

Significance of our work

Significance of our work

We consult to the mining and oil and gas sectors, renewable energy projects and advise on water security for communities and agriculture. Our breadth and scope of industry experience allows us to draw new and innovative approaches to groundwater decisions at every level.

The future of water security is a global challenge and one that is no more acutely felt than in Australia. We’re continually seeking new ways to enhance the advice we deliver and help answer the world’s greatest questions in water, life, scarcity, climate change and sustainability.

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Our highly technical advisors across Australia have a depth of knowledge and experience borne out of thousands of projects for major industries, agriculture, government and communities throughout Australia and beyond.

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