Photo of Uané Barratt

Consultant – Hydrogeologist | Perth

Uané Barratt

After relocating from South Africa, Uané joined the AGE team during 2020. Uané has 5 years’ experience as an environmental consultant in various sectors across several countries including Australia, South Africa, Mozambique, and Zambia. Uané specialises in the management and monitoring of surface and groundwater resources, aquatic ecology, and project management. She is experienced in environmental compliance monitoring to satisfy regulatory requirements as well as factual and conceptual hydrogeological reporting. Uané is well-versed in hydrochemical analysis and has a strong background in project management.

Uané hopes to become a well-rounded hydrogeologist and is currently learning the tools of the trade required to become a numerical modeller.

In true South African nature, Uané enjoys a “braai” most weekends with family and friends, and loves spending time in the great outdoors.