Photo of Tim Armstrong

Managing Director | Principal – Hydrogeologist | Brisbane

Tim Armstrong

Tim has more than 20 years’ experience in hydrogeology consulting, having worked mostly on groundwater implications within energy and resources in Australia, Asia and South America. Trained as a scientist, over the last few years Tim has been leading the operations and management of AGE and steering improvement initiatives to further support clients across service delivery, project management, equipment and technology.

On a personal level, Tim loves the sharing spirit that runs deep in AGE and being able to collaborate with a “bunch of brilliant hydrogeologists, numerical modellers and geochemists.”

Outside of work, Tim and his family love to go water skiing. They enjoy the thrill of being on the water and the kids relish learning a new skill. His wish is for them to be able to enjoy their natural environment for many, many generations to come.

“I hope the transition to cleaner energy and transportation is swift so my kids can inherit a thriving environment and community.”