Photo of Sukesh Shanmugam

Senior Project – Hydrogeologist | Brisbane

Sukesh Shanmugam

Sukesh is a senior project consultant with a Masters of Engineering Science (Water Engineering) and skills in field work, data collection, analysis and report writing. He has also delivered groundwater modelling, correlating the heat transport theory and contaminant transport theory to model hydraulic conductivity of peat layers in lake setting with the use of MODFLOW and ModelMuse. Additional experience includes surface water modelling, using Soil Moisture and Runoff Simulation kit (SMART), and project management.

Joining AGE in 2021, Sukesh loves the team spirit and expert knowledge and resources “all within arm’s reach.” Outside of work, he is an endurance runner and takes part in mountain ultra-marathons. A fan of trail running, his typical weekend would include camping, mountain runs or hiking.

His favourite saying is: “What we have learnt is a handful, what’s there to learn is the universe in quantity.”