Photo of Matteo Francesconi

Senior – Hydrogeologist | Brisbane

Matteo Francesconi

Matteo has two Masters degrees (one in Hydrogeology and the other in Engineering and Environmental Geology), all leaning on his Bachelor Science in Geology from University of Pisa. He joins us from Milan where he was undertaking technical supervision and project management roles, after starting there as a groundwater modeler in 2018.

He wishes to focus more on groundwater modelling at AGE. His experience to date is mostly around remediation, but he is keen to learn about the Australian mining industry.

In describing his drivers for working in the hydrogeology field, Matteo said:
“The part that I enjoy most in my role as a hydrogeologist / groundwater modeller is problem solving. Most of the time the work requires solving a hydrogeological case starting from a hypothesis built from the available data and being sure that all choices/methodologies are solid and defensible.”

One surprising aspect of Matteo is that despite being Italian, he has never made a pizza!!