Photo of Jai Kaartinen-Price

Project – Hydrogeologist | Townsville

Jai Kaartinen-Price

Jai joined AGE in 2021 with a Master of Science and a background in water science, agriculture and research. His experience includes working with natural resource managers and farmers to identify opportunities for water management improvements, collecting ecological and water quality data to identify environmental impacts of mining, and communicating research to support transfer of new technologies and innovative systems thinking. At AGE, Jai specialises in fieldwork and data analysis, collecting high-quality data for a range of clients.
Outside of work, Jai loves heading to the open ocean for freediving and spearfishing. Having lived in Victoria for most of his life, Jai is now settled in Townsville; however he has never watched a full game of rugby. “Hopefully this doesn’t get me kicked out of Queensland!”

Growing up in a small town, Jai’s hope for the future is for more camaraderie between people, states and countries – something he feels is truly important given all the challenges ahead for humanity.