Photo of Indiana Crow

Senior Project – Hydrogeologist | Townsville

Indiana Crow

Since graduating from her Bachelor of Science (Environmental and Marine Geoscience) in 2016, Indiana’s experience has grown across a range of hydrogeological field and reporting services. These include groundwater monitoring and sampling, downhole camera surveying and Sonde deployment for stratification study, hydraulic permeability testing, monitoring bore drilling observation and installation, field reports and reviews, hydrogeological and geochemical data analysis, plotting and interpretation. She excels in data management, runs simple codes in Python, and is proficient in many proprietary software programs used by AGE.

Growing up, Indiana was the envy of all her friends with a Dad who was ‘Mr. Whippy’ on the weekends – serving soft-serve ice-cream from his ice-cream truck he drove around the local streets. Years later, Indiana and her family continued to enjoy ice-cream on tap when her Dad set up to sell scoop ice-cream at functions, shows and rodeos.

When not at work, Indiana loves nothing more than unwinding with a good book.