Photo of Edward Hunt

Consultant – Hydrogeologist | Newcastle

Edward Hunt

Edward is a graduate consultant, joining AGE’s Newcastle office in May 2022. Edward graduated from Macquarie University in 2021 with a Masters of Environment. He has two years’ experience in monitoring civil infrastructure, working closely with assets from Sydney Water, Queensland Urban Utilities and other major utilities providers. His skills include monitoring and analysis of water quality, statistical and GIS analyses, and communication through scientific writing. Edward’s area of expertise is in understanding catchment health and its impacts on surface and groundwater quality.

When asked what he enjoys most about working in the field, he said “the opportunity to get out of town for a while. I find it rejuvenating to be out in the middle of nowhere and away from the noise of modern life, and if I can combine that with my love of data collection and analysis then there’s really no place I’d rather be.”

Edward’s favourite quote is “The past is not ours to own. We think, because we can remember it, that it belongs to us, that we can go back to it, that we are the same person who lived those moments, breathed that air, and made those choices. We are not the same. We are a stranger living with memories that belong to someone else. And the past belongs to itself.” -John French

Outside of AGE, Edward enjoys sailing, painting, and film buffs