Photo of Dr Daan Herckenrath

Principal – Technical Modelling Lead | Brisbane

Dr Daan Herckenrath

Daan specializes in developing groundwater impact models for coal seam gas and coal mine impact assessments, with over 12 years’ experience working on projects in Queensland, New South Wales and Europe. Daan is highly skilled in the application and development of cutting-edge approaches to numerical groundwater modelling, using geophysics to inform groundwater models and undertake uncertainty analysis, including the use of industry standard software such as MODFLOW-USG, PEST/PEST++ and FloPy.

Joining AGE in 2023, Daan loves the detective nature of his work in groundwater, crushing numbers to solves pieces to the puzzle.

Outside of work, Daan and his family love being out in nature, bouldering and cycling to start the day. In the future, Daan hopes to be surrounded by nature more often and of course peace, happiness and love for everyone.

Favorite quote: “A day without laughter is a day wasted” – Charlie Chaplin