Photo of Callie Pickering

Senior Project – Hydrogeologist | Brisbane

Callie Pickering

Callie is a Senior Project Consultant who joined the Brisbane office in June 2023. Before joining AGE, Callie completed her BSc (Honours) Environmental & Engineering Geology Degree in 2011 and from 2012 worked as a Hydrogeologist in South Africa. Callie has experience in rural water supply, mining hydrogeology, and groundwater monitoring for various sectors. She has specialised in implementing monitoring programs, bore construction designs, conceptualisation, hydrogeological risk assessments, aquifer parameter testings, and groundwater management. Callie has also worked on various groundwater modelling projects and has prospects to learn the modelling ropes in AGE. Callie’s strong point is project management, as she brings structure and order to projects and enjoys creating management systems for projects.

Callie enjoys the process of taking on new projects, from getting to learn about a site, understanding a problem that the client has and then working towards solving that problem. Her favourite movie as a child was Erin Brokovich, and originally it meant she wanted to be a lawyer, but over time that turned into an interest in hydrogeology, especially contamination projects.

Outside of work, Callie is an artist in her spare time, she’s been painting since 2017. She does a lot of mixed media art, using animals as subjects. It’s mostly a hobby, but she sold a few paintings and made some commissions.

Callie’s favourite quote: ‘Do or do not. There is no try’