Photo of Dr Angela Bush

Team Lead | Principal – Hydrogeologist | Brisbane

Dr Angela Bush

Angela specialises in integrated groundwater assessments, contaminant investigations, and geochemical interpretation, with more than 16 years’ experience in consulting, research and education. One of her strengths is underpinning groundwater contamination assessments with an understanding of groundwater evolution mechanisms and seepage behaviour. With detailed knowledge of groundwater systems in various settings, specifically focusing on fractured rock groundwater flow systems of Northern Australia, she has supported clients across metalliferous and coal mines, industrial operations, state and federal governments, and agriculture bodies.

In a previous life, Angela was a social scientist in the Mekong Basin. She has since returned to hydrogeology and loves that, in her current role at AGE, she gets to tackle complex problems together with her team. Each day offers different challenges from the last: “I love witnessing groundwater problems unravel through the exploration of multiple lines of evidence.”