Photo of Adele Lor

Senior – Hydrogeologist | Brisbane

Adele Lor

Adele has specialised in field hydrogeology including aquifer tests, drilling supervision and bore construction, flow dye tracing, and water sampling. Her primary motivation in hydrogeology is to collect high quality hydrogeological data for conceptualisation, so we have a better understanding of the availability of the groundwater resources to improve their management for sustainability. In recent years, she has transitioned from field hydrogeologist to project management.

At AGE Consultants, she appreciates her friendly colleagues, their high level of expertise, the work flexibility and small size of the company. One of her most interesting projects was a gold exploration project in the Philippines which lasted over 6 months. She installed of a groundwater monitoring network for a numerical model. The drilling was very challenging with monitoring bores installation depth between 600 – 800 metres below ground level, with water temperatures above 60˚C. The job was an interesting culture immersion with connections with lovely people and delicious food. More challenging was the ritual of killing a pig on the drilling site for good luck, having personal bodyguards to prevent kidnapping, regular inspections of the local jungle for rebels by the Army, a machete assault on the rig site from a dispute between mine employees, and the Yolanda Typhoon (2013), which stopped our work and destroyed the city of Tacloban. Definitely a mix of risk, fun and challenge!

Adele is particularly interested in improving the access of drinking water to remote populations. Earlier in her career she mostly worked on water supply projects for rural councils in France, looking at groundwater and surface water resources, along with the installation of spring water collection systems. To date there have been limited opportunities to work on water supply projects in Australia, so I volunteer time to NGO’s for desktop hydrogeological studies. The more office based transition in her career allows her have to more time with her young sons and for hobbies such as hiking, rock climbing and gardening.