Groundwater Supply

AGE has extensive experience evaluating, developing and managing groundwater supplies for government, agriculture, towns and mines throughout the Australasian region. Our expertise includes:

  • obtaining regulatory approval;
  • hydrogeological mapping and geophysical surveys, including downhole logging;
  • bore design, tender documentation and contract supervision;
  • designing and managing the installation of deep bores in the Great Artesian Basin;
  • test pumping and borefield analysis;
  • numerical modelling for borefield design, operations and impact assessment;
  • water chemistry and quality studies;
  • bore rehabilitation;
  • catchment scale analysis for government sectors;
  • irrigation demand, soil moisture and detailed recharge modelling; and
  • water balance modelling.

Landholder bore design, testing and maintenance

We have assisted numerous pastoral and agricultural clients in finding the best location and design of production bores and their design. AGE works with landholders to ensure the bore designs are completed in accordance with national and state guidelines and are appropriate for their pumping and infrastructure requirements.

For existing bores, AGE have considerable experience in working with local drilling and pumping contractors to troubleshoot construction or drilling issues.

AGE is a firm believer of ensuring bore yields are suitably assessed and promote bore testing that is carried out in accordance with Australian standards (AS 2368-1990).


Licensing and regulations

Understanding the state policies and frameworks that determine groundwater rights, entitlements and allocations is important for landholders and proponents of major projects. AGE provides an experienced and reliable advice to help understand these rules in the context of a development activity.

We have substantial experience and knowledge of the groundwater regulatory frameworks within Queensland and New South Wales. We have also dealt with the Commonwealth EPBC Act and the water trigger for large development activities.

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