Groundwater Approvals & Licensing

Developing major projects that extract or interfere with groundwater requires engagement and approval from governments. At AGE we are intimately familiar with our government’s laws, regulations and policies that govern the use of groundwater.

Regulatory requirements vary based on the project (e.g. land development, major mine, commercial water supply, CSG etc), location and the degree of potential impacts. We assist our clients to navigate this sometimes confusing maze of requirements. Our regulatory work includes:

  • preparing groundwater impact assessments for environmental impact statements;
  • reviewing monitoring data and preparing annual compliance reports;
  • consulting with regulators to support our clients during government engagement; and
  • assessing the yield of groundwater bores to support applications for water licences.

We have also assisted governments when developing practical guidelines that outline the implementation of their policies. These have included guidelines for assessing farm bores, baseline assessments and estimating the volume of water removed by mining activities.

Aerial Image of Mt Isa

Groundwater impact assessments

In Australia, Commonwealth and state legislation typically requires proponents of major projects to prepare an environmental impact statement which describes the impacts of the project on groundwater systems. AGE have extensive experience completing these studies including:

  • assessing opportunities and constraints to identify key project risks and data gaps;
  • engaging with stakeholders including working with regulators and community groups;
  • developing plans to characterise groundwater resources using our Field services;
  • developing conceptual, analytical and numerical models;
  • preparing detailed reports according to industry and government guidelines; and
  • identifying potential ongoing mitigation and monitoring measures.

Completion of the groundwater impact assessment is generally not the end of the regulatory approvals process. AGE has extensive experience with stakeholder engagement, giving presentations on the methodology and study findings, addressing submissions and representation as an Expert witness


On-going regulatory conditions

Approval of activities that interfere with groundwater generally include conditions for ongoing monitoring groundwater, quantification of water take and routine reporting. AGE provides services for companies to meet their regulatory requirements and conditions of approval, which may include:

  • developing groundwater monitoring and modelling programs (GMMP) and water management plans (WMP);
  • collecting routine groundwater level and quality data as required (i.e. monthly, quarterly or annually);
  • analysing field data and preparing routine monitoring reports to meet regulatory requirements; and
  • quantifying groundwater removed by the activity, which depending on the conditions of approval, can be completed using analytical models or numerical models.

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