At AGE we are familiar with the challenges that groundwater presents to the mining and quarrying industries through the entire lifecycle of a project.
We assist the sector across the entire lifecycle of their projects from greenfield exploration, approvals, operations to closure and relinquishment.

Mine modifications & approvals

When planning a greenfield project we understand the need to adequately characterise the risks imposed on groundwater resources. This typically includes estimating groundwater seepage rates in mines and assessing the potential for operations to impact upon other surrounding users of groundwater including agriculture and the environment.

AGE have extensive experience completing groundwater impact assessments in accordance with regulatory requirements and industry standards. This experience includes conducting studies in the major mining regions including Mt Isa Inlier, Central Queensland Coal Fields, Hunter Valley Coal Fields, Southern Coal Fields, Cobar District, Papua New Guinea, Laos and several other international regions.

Mine operations & water balance

AGE can assist mines with groundwater related operational issues, such as inrushes, high seepage rates, high pore pressures or wet blasting conditions that can present operational and safety challenges. AGE also has extensive experience with helping operators meet their regulatory conditions, which includes developing monitoring plans and programs, fieldwork for data collection (i.e. water levels and water quality sampling) and routine reporting.

Mine closure and relinquishment

Closure of mines presents a significant challenge. The water issues cross disciplines and require a multi-disciplinary team, that can make reliable predictions for decades or centuries into the future. At AGE we collaborate with other specialists including ecologists, geochemists, surface water engineers and project managers to assess these challenges, and develop adaptable and flexible work programs to work towards mine closure.

One of the main challenges is assessing the nature of lakes that form in mine voids and how these water bodies interact with the groundwater regime. We develop testing programs and models to characterise the behaviour of these lakes and provide a long term monitoring service to validate the modelling predictions. We also assist miners to engage with key stakeholders in this process including the various levels of government and surrounding landholders.

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