At AGE we understand the petroleum and coal seam gas sectors need to proactively manage impacts on groundwater resources and maintain a social license to operate.

We understand and recognise the critical need to characterise reservoirs and any linkages to aquifers, private bores, springs and surface water systems. We are intimately familiar with the regulatory regime under which petroleum projects operate in eastern Australia and can assist companies to meet these requirements. This includes conducting impact assessment reports, assessing the condition of private bores, identifying spring systems and conducting routine monitoring. We also understand the concerns of key stakeholders, and work with government and landholders to communicate our work and findings.

The services we provide to the petroleum and gas industries include:

  • baseline assessments;
  • bore assessments – pumping tests and analysis;
  • underground water impact reporting;
  • spring surveys and remote sensing analysis;
  • regional groundwater models;
  • routine monitoring and detailed isotopic water quality analysis;
  • landholder liaison and education;
  • monitoring bore and vibrating wire installation; and
  • in-situ hydraulic analysis through pumping and packer testing.

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