Kidston: groundwater site closure strategy

Our AGE team was originally involved at Kidston to undertake groundwater aspect for the site closure strategy. 

More recently, we have been involved in looking at the use of the Kidston pit (Eldridge and Wises) voids as balancing storages in a hydro-electric scheme.

The work was undertaken for Entura Hydro Tasmania for their client Genex Power.


Entura Hydro Tasmania on behalf of Genex Power


Kidston: groundwater site closure strategy




Groundwater modelling, hydrogeochemistry

Uncovering potential impacts

Uncovering potential impacts

The model development involved updating the previous model generated for the site to MODFLOW SURFACT.

This steady state model was then used to assess operational constraints (water levels in the pits) to see if there were potential impacts to the surrounding groundwater regime.

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