Dargues Reef Gold Project

The Dargues Reef mine is located approximately 13 kilometres south of the township of Braidwood in New South Wales. The area has a long history of open cut and underground mines. The Dargues Reef Gold Project involved a proposed underground mine and tailings facility. AGE were engaged by R.W. Corkery & Co Pty Ltd, on behalf of Big Island Mining Pty Ltd, to complete a groundwater impact assessment to form part of the Environmental Impact Statement.

The groundwater impact assessment involved development of a field investigation (i.e. bore installation, testing, and monitoring) and review of historic data in order to gain an in-depth understanding of the hydrogeological regime for development of the conceptual groundwater model. Based on this work, a numerical groundwater model was developed to simulate natural groundwater processes and replicate system stresses (i.e. proposed and approved mining, private groundwater abstraction) in order to predict potential changes due to the project.

Subsequent work has including verifying the groundwater model using additional monitoring data and updating the calibration of the model.


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