Ashton Groundwater Monitoring Program

The Ashton Coal Mine is located approximately 14 km west of Singleton in the Hunter Valley region of New South Wales and comprises an active underground mine and a decommissioned open cut. The mine targets the Whittingham Coal Measures of the Sydney Basin. AGE were engaged by Yancoal Australia Limited, the owners and operates of the mine, to conduct a range of hydrogeological services, including:

  • monitoring groundwater levels and quality;
  • reporting regulatory compliance (2015 to present);
  • undertaking field activities including bore census, monitoring network review and upgrade, monitoring bore installation and hydraulic testing;
  • updating the groundwater flow model (MODFLOW-USG) to improve inflow and water take partitioning predictions;
  • preparing groundwater aspects of extraction plans and risk assessment; and
  • preparing end of longwall panel reports for regulatory compliance.

AGE has worked with Yancoal to improve the efficiency order tramadol online next day of systems for groundwater data collection and storage to ensure environmental approval commitments are met.