Photo of Dr Yue Lui

Senior Project – Hydrogeologist | Brisbane

Dr Yue Lui

Yue is a Senior Project Consultant. Yue joined AGE’s Brisbane office in July 2022 after finishing his PhD at the University of Queensland. He has conducted research in groundwater resource management and protection, with particular expertise in field investigation and numerical simulation of the flow and solute transport in saturated and/or unsaturated groundwater systems, and coastal variable density groundwater systems. He has worked with interdisciplinary groups including government authorities, NGOs, consulting firms, and academia in Australia, China, Israel, Germany, and Canada.

At AGE, Yue is working as a groundwater modeler using numerical models to provide clients with scientific evidence and predictions for their business operations. What Yue enjoyed most about working as a groundwater modeler at AGE is the experience of collaborating with a group of like-minded inspiring hydrogeologists to “translate” complex real-world scenarios to representative conceptual and mathematic models.

Outside of work, Yue likes going to beaches and hiking in mountains, or just staying at home and watching TV. Recently, he has been busy setting up his new aquarium tank. He got 6 tropical fish and 2 snails in the tank so far!