Photo of Mike Holloway

Senior Project – Hydrogeologist | Perth

Mike Holloway

After recently relocating from South Africa, Mike has joined the Perth team! Mike has a B.Sc. in Geochemistry and Structural Geology, and a B.Sc. Honours and M.Sc. in Hydrogeology. Mike also forms part of UNESCO’s Youth Groundwater Network.

Prior to joining AGE, Mike worked as an Hydrogeologist at a specialised groundwater consultancy in South Africa and was also the Groundwater Monitoring Business Unit Lead. Mike has experience in the public water supply, mining, and agricultural sectors. He has specialised in bore construction designs, hydrogeological risk assessments, aquifer parameter testings, and groundwater resource development and management. Mike has also worked on the monitoring and management of dewatering and re-injection projects. He is also no stranger to project management and business development.

At AGE, Mike will be involved with drilling supervision, groundwater sampling, data processing and analysis, and factual reporting. Mike has prospects to learn the modelling ropes, which we’ll ease him into with time. Mike really enjoys making a difference in people’s understanding of groundwater and improving all groundwater education, it’s impact on our lives, and ultimately the sustainability of its use. He hopes that in the future people will have a better use and understanding of groundwater across all industries, and ultimately for it to be more accessible to everyone, to the benefit of all society.

Something to know about Mike is that he is a keen rower and hopes to join a Perth rowing club soon. He is also an avid coffee lover and has been pleasantly surprised by the great coffee-culture Perth has to offer.