Photo of Douglas Rosa da Silva

Project – Hydrogeologist | Brisbane

Douglas Rosa da Silva

Doug has worked as a research fellow in the oil industry in Brazil, while completing his MSc (Geology). He has extensive experience in core logging and analysis of sands, sandstones, carbonates, and shales. His research focused on mapping and characterisation of biostructures, in a hypersaline lagoon and its relation to environment. Since moving to Australia he has worked in geotechnical services, with a soils focus, with field and laboratory experience in logging and technical analysis.

He loves the multicultural makeup of the AGE teams, and how this enables us to learn about other cultures and stretch ourselves. His mantra is: ‘do or do not – there is no try’.

Outside of work, Doug is passionate about the outdoors and Star Wars. He enjoys flying with drones, riding motorcycles and bikes, and spending time at the beach with his partner.