Ann Houston

Business Growth Manager | Brisbane

Ann Houston

A multi-discipline specialist, Ann has had a diverse career in the education, agriculture, retail and management consulting sectors, and has owned and managed businesses since her twenties. This experience has fuelled Ann’s passion for realising potential and developing businesses that achieve the trifecta of profitability, really satisfied clients and engaged, effective people.

At AGE, Ann is leading the implementation of the strategic plan through company-wide improvement initiatives, business development and team performance management. Challenging and interesting, she finds it’s so satisfying to see the tangible results of her work.

Outside of AGE, Ann loves to make things – anything from ceramics and sewing, to gardens and restoring things.

A lover of nature, Ann becomes instantly calm when she can lie on the ground, especially in a forest or at the beach. Her hope for the future is that the next generation is always near diverse and verdant nature.